nathan Scott

"you can't measure a dream"

I did not always want to be a photographer.  This life was not what I had imagined for myself, but I'm so happy it happened this way.  I knew I would always end up being a "creative", but I didn't know that term or what I would be.  I graduated from college with a degree in Special & Elementary Education.  My husband & I got married just days after I turned 22 and then got pregnant with our baby girl only 6 months later.  Life got busy and QUICK!  Gradually, I picked up a side hobby (photography) and kept it as just "something on the side" for a few years before I realized how much I truly love it!!  I finally started Caiti Garter Photography and it has been a beautiful (and crazy) ride every since.  

My passion for photography comes from my own mother who truly knows the value of taking pictures to capture our memories.  That's what I want to do for my clients - capture their memories through heartfelt, joyful, and timeless photos!  

Anthony & I are a team - in life and in business!  If you are looking to book me for your wedding, you are booking a
Talk about a bonus!  Anthony is my second shooter but more than that, he is my partner.  He adds a whole other element to our wedding experience and I am so glad that he decided to start shooting with me a few years ago.  We love working together and being able to serve our couples side by side.

- we think every time is a good time for coffee.
- music brought us together
- we live the country life but our "home away from home" is the beach
- we love big dogs! 
- Caiti's favorite part of the wedding day: Details & Portraits
- Anthony's favorite part of the wedding day: Reception

Your wedding day is a BIG DEAL!  We totally understand that and we want to capture every single part of your day so that you can have those memories FOREVER! Once your day is’s over! We know that these photos will be what you cherish for a  l i f e t i m e .

laura {CG BRIDE}

"The pictures were beautiful and captured the true joy both my husband and I felt on our wedding day!"