nathan Scott

"you can't measure a dream"

I did not always want to be a photographer.  This life was not what I had imagined for myself, but I'm so happy it happened this way.  I knew I would always end up being a "creative", but I didn't know that term or what I would be.  I graduated from college with a degree in Special & Elementary Education.  My husband & I got married just days after I turned 22 and then got pregnant with our baby girl only 6 months later.  Life got busy and QUICK!  Gradually, I picked up a side hobby (photography) and kept it as just "something on the side" for a few years before I realized how much I truly love it!!  I finally started Caiti Garter Photography and it has been a beautiful (and crazy) ride every since.  

My passion for photography comes from my own mother who truly knows the value of taking pictures to capture our memories.  That's what I want to do for my clients - capture their memories through heartfelt, joyful, and timeless photos!  

laura {CG BRIDE}

"The pictures were beautiful and captured the true joy both my husband and I felt on our wedding day!"