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"you can't measure a dream"

 I’m glad you found your way here! My name is Caiti. You can likely find me at home - taking care of my family and dogs. I’m either cleaning up the 7th mess of the day, baking, rewatching Outlander for the 4th time, or working in the garden. Im married to my best friend who I met when we were just babies! We have quite the story and it’s my favorite of all the stories! You can read more about that here on the blog - 

We have two wild, silly, & sweet kids - Hayley & Mason. They are the lights of our lives! They are the reason I do what I do. I chose to start learning photography after my daughter was born and I wanted to capture all the moments of her life, no matter how cute or crazy it was. I gradually fell in love with that feeling of freezing a moment or holding on to a memory through a photograph. I love getting pictures of my kids together or our family together! Those photos mean the world to me. My favorites are always the ones of us laughing or cuddling each other close - the candid shots! I want my kids to see these photos and always remember how happy we are all together.

When I was growing up, we always had a huge wall in our home covered in photos. My parents just kept adding to it. I would walk past it and see so many beautiful memories of my childhood. As a kid, I loved seeing what new photos went up there! As I grew up, I loved having those pictures as reminders of certain times in my life. My mom loved making scrapbooks as well so photographs were everywhere in our home!! I want to be able to provide people with photos so that they can get that same feeling I get. So that their kids can walk past a picture in their home and see themselves smiling & laughing with their parents or siblings! I still feel so much love when looking through those scrapbooks or looking at the gallery walls in my parents home. I want my clients to feel that love, too! 

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our love story!

laura {CG BRIDE}

"The pictures were beautiful and captured the true joy both my husband and I felt on our wedding day!"